Spotlight On My Creative Friends and Community


Since this is a new page as of May, 2018 I will only feature the bits that are most current.

So I will start with my visit to Mary K.  Mary and I worked for Henry S. Miller Residential realtors in the ’90’s.  We try to stay in touch.  I made a couple dolls for her back then.  She loves bling and customizes everything!  She’s also a former professional belly dancer; hence the belly dancer doll I made for her as a surprise one Christmas.  She believes in God and angels despite suffering great loss in her life; husband, and one of her grown daughters.  She’s brave, and healed through a grief support group, writing poetry, the love of her remaining daughter and son.  


I love to play at artist-writer Linda Goodwin’s house.  She’s a world traveler and spiritual traveler and all that is reflected in her home.


Last Christmas I went to my friend Dwight and Dave’s new home.  I met Dwight years ago at a real estate agency that shall remain nameless because they wrecked my life.  (I never, ever got on my financial feet after they “eliminated” my position.)  Anyway, Dwight and Dave created a stunning and personal environment!  I loved being with them and their friends!

When my old school friend Barbara wanted to move her offsite office to her home, I helped her plan the rearrangement of some of her furniture and artwork.  She’s a family and couples’ therapist and author.  She’s as fiesty as her decor.

I’m fortunate to be close to the Ladenberger clan.  Peggy was a close friend of Mom’s since I was 12 and Mom died in ’99.  We remember wonderful family times!  Peggy’s home is always decorated for the seasons.