Figures and Dolls and Totems

All these dolls and figures were handmade by yours truly, using a variety of materials.

Our new Royal with her new fascinator hat is writing a new chapter in history.
Ms Dignity’s Red Shoes at the Lakewood Library 54th annual artists’ show
cloth heads needing bodies

A gift for a friend! “Happy Life” 5×3 cardboard and fabric scraps; sewn

I wonder if I should quit while I’m a-head?

Mixed media cage doll

cardboard doll with strips of Mom’s poems forming skirt/base. A work in progress
Frida carries a little stitch patch to her new mom, Rita.
Frida’s embroidered shoes

“Slightly Stoic” gets a 2016 makeover shortly after I got a new stacked bob hairdo.
Bald “SiorĂ©e”

Gladys hearts her meds

my Frida Doll at the Bath House gallery
My Frida doll will be in the gallery of The Bath House Cultural Center Dec.5 – Jan.31. Off she goes!
Frida in process

Lady Cora cloth doll
portrait closeup
finished doll full view
Isabelle kitty helps paint doll
santos assembly
doll for Peggy wearing Mom’s handiwork
a cardboard doll expresses my sadness over these constant wars
a mixed media art doll
Fabric wrapped wire Spirit Doll
Doll made at DAFA workshop
We customize Linda’s cloth doll

NewGuy came together from assorted body parts, pants made from linen napkin, Tshirt knit remnant & a hat recently rejected from Nikol’s doll.

We made this guy into a doll last weekend