I didn’t really allow myself to be a “real artist” until 2010, despite the fact that I really did have a long art history.  It’s just that I had to work in the corporate world in order to support myself, and while he was growing up, my son Eric Keathley.
Lots of life-changing events caused me to skid into a sort of unfruitful holding pattern for many years.  I bet you can identify!  We could say I had a very large creative block.

in 2010 I enjoyed a job and employer that left me some free time to delve into unlocking my creativity.  Thank you Kevin and Kurt!  I devoured self-help books on the subject and actually worked all the lesson exercises therein, and holy crap! they worked, prompting me to bust free with sketchbook journaling, blogging, and making art dolls again.

I’m not happy if I’m not making art; somehow I am not really me.  Artmaking is my only God-given gift and must be expressed.   Simple as that.  There is nothing like the joy of creating something which thrills, excites, and pleases someone so much the Have To Have It!

My Bio as an artist was too long to fit into the Bio section!  So here I share it:

Exhibits, Sales & Shows:
*Art House Coop, Brooklyn Library, New York, “The 2012 Touring Sketchbook Project”
*Bath House “Winter Art Mart Underground”, Dallas, 2013
*”Fiber Icons: Hoffman Fabric Challenge”, Dallas, 1994
*Flying Phoebes cloth doll club annual show in Hayward, CA, 1995
*Maggie’s Front Porch Gallery, Schnecksville, PA, 1980’s
*Quilt shows and other related venues with The Ditzy Doll Tarts; around Dallas and Austin, 1990’s and Arts & Crafts instructor for Allentown Boy’s Club summer camp, Schnecksville, PA 1985

* Press by:
elinor peace bailey. “Costuming with Lined Rectangle” APWPWD. Hayward, 2000.
Shuford, Tom. “Cut from the Same Cloth” The Dallas Morning News 10 July 1998: Metropolitan 33A+.
Oroyan, Susanna. “Introduction: Costume and the Elements of Design”  Finishing the Figure. Lafayette: C&T Publishing, 2001.

* DAFA – Dallas Area Fiber Artists
*Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake
*TVAA –  Texas Visual Arts Association



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