New Adventures in Art Making. Life in a Retirement Community. New Lease on Life, and Letting Go.

I created some new pages here on the blog which you can link into and find pics for miles. The pages are listed at the top of the blog.  Check out the ones featuring friends’ inspiring homes (hey there, Mary Korfanty, Barbara Gold, Dwight West, Linda Goodwin, and Dr. Ladenberger).

(This is a new blog format/theme and I am having a hell of a time getting the fonts right.  Apologies if it comes out wonky.  It is very very late at night.)

After a year on the wait list for an apartment at the Juliette Fowler retirement community, the move happened all of a sudden at Christmas.  Around that time we BA ’66 grads lost one of ou icons, one of our beloveds, to cancer.  I was so glad to have spent a little time with Bobby Bassett over the last few years; mainly at art venues and then later in hospice.  I sure hope I see you in the afterlife.

Bobby is on the left. Middle: Brent; right: BryanLots of artwork in various media going on here in my new home.  It’s only 600 sq. ft. and I’m pretty used to living small, but I do have to have my art supplies, artwork and treasures!  I’m comfortable here and the 2 big windows with expansive views plus high ceilings, keep me from feeling closed in.   I’ve joined the artists’ group here, and have committed to the water aerobics class by purchasing a new swim dress.  I was without Wifi for awhile, so couldn’t post.  Today and evening I got caught up on blog posts by creatives I follow.  That was cool.

Meantime, here are pics from The Lakewood Library 54th Annual Artists’ show on view all of May.  I am thrilled to have 2 pieces in it; cardboard and fabric doll, and acrylic painting using the techniques I learned from Lynn Whipple during her online class, The Essence of Still Life.  I will never paint the same old way again!

Vessels Spring 2018

Ms Dignity’s Red Shoes at the Lakewood Library 54th annual artists’ show

Here is work by a new artist friend Jacqui during our weekly art workshop here at JFCA:



Isabel kitty is happy here!  Thanks for visiting!



12 thoughts on “New Adventures in Art Making. Life in a Retirement Community. New Lease on Life, and Letting Go.

    1. Hi! Ms Dignity is still one of my faves too. Life changes…now I’m planning to relocate to North Carolina because my son lives there now. I’ll be looking for a small place of my own to rent, having decided I’m too much of an independent loner artist rebel to live in a retirement home. !


  1. Dearest Katy and Genie… June 1st was my deadline to get you the pattern and I made it…with technical difficulties and all. The last part is photographs of the way I pin the doll parts together Visit my new website…


  2. Please scroll down to see the naked doll photos. This will show you where and how I pin the appendages to the doll as well as the closure on the doll’s side.

    I pin the bird to the head…he /she can be off center also. If the bottom seem of the bird is left open it is very easy to sew bird to head!

    Please give me feed back about this process. My scanner didn’t work and I was not able to put the pattern thru photoshop to clean up the edges. I appreciate you both going thru this “BETA” stage of the Doll Pattern Circle with me!

    More photos to follow! Email me your questions!!! Tons of hugs

    Visit my new website…


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