Letting Go and Moving On in Retirement. May It Lead to New Artwork, at Least.

It happened to me, what was unthinkable…..running out of money and resources in retirement; this Boomer who never planned for the future and was blind-sided by job losses and home equity losses, et al, blah blah blah.  Now made the tough decision to sell my cottage on a tree-lined street near my beloved White Rock Lake, and – ohmygod, will rent an apartment for awhile.  Perhaps a long while.  After ten years of ownership, my equity is non-existent due to the housing crash, and this old cottage now needs upkeep and repair I cannot make.  I dreamed of hanging on long enough to get a nice reverse mortgage, but the bathroom floor will have long caved in before that ever happens.

To my chagrin, I find that I qualify for subsidized housing for a one bedroom apartment.  So that’s what I have to do.  The For Sale sign went up in my yard today, and there have been three showings already.

My grandson will move back home with his mom and sisters and her boyfriend, and my son will have to find someone else besides me to stay with.  I’ve done all I can do, and now it is time to let go and move on.  I can’t help but think about everyone who rails against entitlements for the poor and ashamed to admit that in my callous youth, I was a snob.  I wasn’t priviledged,  just ignorant and naive.   I wasn’t smart with money, and I gave most of my inheritance away or made bad investments during the recession.  But I always worked and supported us, and paid my taxes.  Now it’s my turn to hold out my hand for help from the government.  There you have it.

So I made this little sampler cloth that had a horizontal piece up top, and it looked sort of like a pagoda, or perhaps an irregular cross.  I had another piece of brown and cream toile by Laura Ashley and I cut a section out that had a female profile with an outstretched arm on it.  After that, I drew a larger profile beside the printed toile one.  She wanted boots for walking, so a periwinkle pair were stitched and stuffed, trapunto-style.  Hands outstretched, she is garnering the courage to journey forward.



Paintings by Claudia McGill

Here are photos of little paintings by Claudia McGill, whom I discovered by linking into blogs here on WordPress.  I adore her work!  She is very generous, and had a giveaway on her blog.  In exchange, I sent her a sampling of my work and am tickled to learn that she’s keeping them together like a little art journal.  So cool.

Claudia McGill original acrylic paintings on canvas panels. displayed temporarily along a kitchen backsplash ledge




Reception and Gallery Walk at theSmall Gallery and Slant Gallery in Midtown

I took photos of every piece of artwork (well, I think I got it all) that was on display at theSmall Gallery and Slant Gallery recently and will share them with you.  To start, here I am at the Reception attempting a selfie against my cloth head-ladies dolls.





















































That wraps up the Midtown gallery tours for April.  If you made it this far into my blog post today, I hope you enjoyed it!

I am musing now…..does it matter where I live as long as I am surrounded by art that sustains me?  I still have friends, family, and a host of folks to admire in social media and the blogesphere.  But….Hopefully a view of leafy green or at least a flowering hanging basket from apartment windows.  Pride, pride go away….give up the dream of home ownership.  If it is a burden, then it is too much for me to handle.  Been there, done that, as we say.  Time to move on.


7 thoughts on “Letting Go and Moving On in Retirement. May It Lead to New Artwork, at Least.

  1. Well Genie Geer….a person from my long ago past. I kept a low profile at BA and an even lower one since, evidently, since the powers that be never found me even once for a reunion notice. You might not even remember me, but once upon a time I found a bunch of notes we used to pass back and forth, I think junior high even before high school. I still remember DeGeerotypes, or something like that, and you were always “above” me in social ranking…whatever that was.

    I, too, grew up to be an artist, (though I never quite did that growing up part), and wonder what is to be my fate in this crazy world that has evolved almost wretchedly so around us, and await to see how my downsizing will manifest.

    I will take some time to catch up on your blogs. My own are terribly behind, and I’m supposed to be working on a new web page.

    Good luck on all things. Write me a note if you’re interested. Perhaps we have more in common than we knew.

    All best,


    1. Oh dear, I must have overlooked your comment as I got frantically busy with the move and trying to find a new place to live….I am so sorry, as your comment is so thoughtful and touching.


  2. You may not be rich in money but you are in spirit. I believe this new path will be fruitful for you and lead you to new things better than you imagine. Your last paragraph says it all, I think.

    Thank you for your kind words about me. And, what a fantastic exhibit.

    Last, the more I see of your dolls the more I am impressed.

    I will be looking for your work, can’t wait to see what’s next. Wishing lots of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Genie. There are so many people experiencing what you are. In the midst of Plenty for a few, there are still many among us who don’t have the basics. I applaud and celebrate your making the best of What Is and sharing that with others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pamela! I debated pros and cons of sharing my predicament and the possibility of it being of use and comfort to others won out. So very glad you responded in such a positive and touching way! And I am hoping that you and I have a challenge and swap someday. You are one of my mentor-heros! Of course Loretta Pompillo Louvier in Ithica and I have been talking about doing that for over a decade, but now that I have become legally “elderly” we better hop to it!


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